We want to show the children of the next generation the joy and satisfaction of learning.

The moment children overcome something difficult, their eyes starts to shine bright. This moment of “understanding” invokes a level of motivation for learning far beyond the imagination of adults. We want to fully support the feeling of “importance of learning” each generation of children gain from their “curiousness” and interests.

Education Services For K-12 And Teen Students


・Studies for passing the junior high and high school entrance examinations.
・Providing innovative education according to the students' own strength and weakness in small groups.
・Established school management able to respond to a wide range of students without compromising the quality. This enables us to open more schools and expand our business.

To Izumijuku>>


・Studies for passing the top-level junior high and high school entrance examinations.
・Further developing students with top-level academic abilities.
・Top class teachers providing high level lessons which other cram schools can not replicate.

To Beruf Academy>>


・Aiming for passing the university entrance exam.
・Developing leaders for tomorrows society through studying hard.

To Toshin>>