Corporate Profile

Company Namei-cube Ltd.
Head Office3-21, Tsukahara-1, Chino, Nagano 3910002 Japan
EstablishedJune 16, 1977
Capital\20 million (As of May 31, 2018)
Representative DirectorPresident & CEO Hayato Yazaki
         Hideaki Mori
Business SegmentsEducation services for K-12 and teen students
Consultation services in education industry
Software development for the education companies
Distribution of home-learning materials
Branches(As of May 31, 2021)Izumijuku: 44 in Nagano and Yamanashi
Beruf Academy: 5 in Nagano
Toshin Satellite School: 8 in Nagano
Employees128 (As of May 31, 2021, full-time workers only)
Annual BusinessAs of May 31, 2021: \1,736 million
SubsidiaryIZUMIGLOBAL INC.(the Philippines)
Line BankSuwa Shinkin Bank (Chino Branch)
The Hachijuni Bank (Chino Branch)
Corporation No.5100001018183
ContactPhone: +81 266 75 1150