"Through effort and sensibility, we continue to challenge and improve ourselves..."
With these words from our corporate philosophy we aim to educate the people who will create the next generation in this ever changing world・environment, and we believe that the “education” also need to change with it, which we reflect in our actions. We will continue to question, innovate, and improve.

Global Strategy Group

“There are no borders in the world of education. Talented people are all over the word.” In this era of globalization, we believe that educators should keep moving forward without being satisfied with the current situation. Our stance is to “change” Japanese education, to expand our idea of “education” in Nagano prefecture to the whole of Japan, while also contributing to the children of the world who are motivated to learn. Which this in mind we started to expand our business in southeast Asia.

ICC-system(System Development)

I-cube core integrated system with all the functions necessary for the administration of a cram school.
Effectively supporting the management of our cram schools by analyzing various statistical figures.