Corporate Philosophy

Through effort and sensibility, we continue to challenge and improve ourselves to develop “PEOPLE” and contribute to “SOCIETY”.

We, i-cube Co., Ltd. changed our company name in 2012 with the desire to utilize the individuality of every person and unite us. The downturn in the economy has been the subject of discussion for a long time, but I believe that education is the breakthrough to a brighter future. Based on that premise, i-cube plays an important role to influence the future of this country. To accomplish this change, we are constantly improving and challening ourselves. To continuously “change” we need to continuously improve. Our pride lies in our company culture that utilizes the individuality of each person which has made our success possible.
On this road to success, we also overcame many difficulties and challenges. The driving force was always our “people” and “teams” . Every time we overcame one difficulty, every time we overcame one's misery, our team grew stronger.
We will continue to challenge and improve ourselves; I believe this effort will result in a brighter future for our children. I'm waiting for the day I can welcome you into i-cube.

President & CEO YAZAKI Hayato


“Challenge and Change”

To Change The Education.
There Are Things Only We Can Do.
We Pave The Way.
President & CEO YAZAKI Hayato