Donation of medical equipment to children's hospital

i-cube visited Nagano Prefecture Children's Hospital (Azumino City) on the 14th of June and donated parts of needed medical instruments requested by the hospital. In hopes of enhancing in-hospital facilities, we donated five cylinder carts to the hospital. This request is part of the support project for regional organizations etc. named "local recreation supportive bonds" of The Hachijuni Bank. In order to financially support the companies that contribute to regional recreation and the local community, our company discounts a portion of underwriting fees that the Hachijuni Bank receive from companies by issuing private placement bonds, dedicating goods etc. to local groups and facilities using the discount etc.

The medical equipment donated this time is an oxygen cylinder cart that can used for a wide range of applications, such as conveyor for beds etc.

Director Hayashi, brand director Miyazawa, and teacher Aizawa of Beruf Academy participated in the presentation ceremony. After the ceremony, we also visited the in-hospital classes. Meet the children really renewed our feelings for future support.