Courtesy visit to Nagano Governor Abe

i-cube received the “Emerging SMEs / 300 companies” award in March earlier this year.
"We are thankful to everyone in the community for allowing us be a part of the ever evolving education in Nagano for over 40 years",  with these words we presented this award to Governor Abe.
At the time of the visit, Governor Abe was once again inspired by our passionate feelings towards education in Nagano Prefecture.
We will continue to strive for all employees to make the education in Nagano even better!
We will also contribute to the region through challenging new fields such as new and exciting overseas projects!

41st term's slogan is

Every year (every term) i-cube release a company-wide slogan to guide us in in our every day work. The 41st slogan that began in June is [Trust Us!] (We will use the support we have received from our customers in Japan and overseas to further strengthen  the trust between our company, customers and employees.) a year with confidence and growth.
Along with this, we are making posters that can be posted at the headquarter and school buildings. The poster is an image designed by mixing the employees opinions and the years slogan. As a trend, the slogan is usually designed with momentum in it's core.
We will strive to become a company that is trusted and supported more than ever in both Japan and overseas.


Donation of medical equipment to children's hospital

i-cube visited Nagano Prefecture Children's Hospital (Azumino City) on the 14th of June and donated parts of needed medical instruments requested by the hospital. In hopes of enhancing in-hospital facilities, we donated five cylinder carts to the hospital. This request is part of the support project for regional organizations etc. named "local recreation supportive bonds" of The Hachijuni Bank. In order to financially support the companies that contribute to regional recreation and the local community, our company discounts a portion of underwriting fees that the Hachijuni Bank receive from companies by issuing private placement bonds, dedicating goods etc. to local groups and facilities using the discount etc.

The medical equipment donated this time is an oxygen cylinder cart that can used for a wide range of applications, such as conveyor for beds etc.

Director Hayashi, brand director Miyazawa, and teacher Aizawa of Beruf Academy participated in the presentation ceremony. After the ceremony, we also visited the in-hospital classes. Meet the children really renewed our feelings for future support.

Next term's kick-off trip

On May 21 and 22, we held an employee training kick-off. More than 100 employees participated and socialized in the heart of Hida Takayama at Gero hotspring.
At Gero hotspring we stayed at Hotel Suimeikan and held our yearly general meeting. We looked back at the 40th term and the outlook for the next term in order to make a fresh start of the 41st term from the following June.
The next day we took a walk through the historical townscape of Gassho village and Takayama. We safely returned home with bodies and minds full of energy. We finished off the 40th term and looking forward to a new journey next term.

「Emerging SMEs / 300 companies」 award

i-cube Co., Ltd. was selected as one of the  2017th “Emerging SMEs / 300 companies” by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry and the Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) Agency.

Every year, the agency selects 300 SMEs that is active in various fields such as innovation, development, service creation and contributing to the society while also strengthening their international competitiveness through aggressive marketing development abroad. By publicizing this widely, selected business operators receive additional social recognition and motivation of workers.

In 2015 we established our first overseas school “IZUMIJUKU” in the TPP participating country Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh City. We started by teaching the abacus, one of our popular courses in Japan. We are increasing the number of available courses we offer, such as Japanese etc. while also aiming to expand in other Asian countries. In addition, we were also evaluated in accordance with the global expansion of society, efforts such as starting classes conducted in English for elementary and junior high school students, and aiming to change the company's official language to English.

On March 23rd, a ceremony was held at the main building of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, where our President & CEO Yazaki Hayato accepted the award.

“We will continue to expand the possibilities of our children in the world through many challenges and changes.”